The full programme:

FRIDAY 26 October 2012, Auditorium Palazzo Blu, Lungarno Gambacorti, 9 Pisa

h 14.00 Coffee


h 14.30 John Bintliff (Leiden University), Indigenous histories and archaeological verities: interactions between archaeological narratives and local community pasts
h 15.00 Monica Baldassarri*, N. Campana**, L. Gervasini**, E. Salvatori* (*University of Pisa; **Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Liguria, Genoa), The "TraMonti" project (Eastern Liguria, Italy): goals, problems of method and first results of a study of global archaeology


h 15.30 Anita Crispino*, Massimo Cultraro** (*Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi, Siracusa; ** Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR-IBAM, Catania), Pre-colonial Landscapes: the impact of archaeological surveys on the protohistoric period in Sicily
h 16.00 Antonino Facella, Alessio Arnese (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa), The Kaulonia survey: some methodological issues
h 16.30 Giacomo Landeschi (Arc-Team S.a.s.), From Landscape to Webscape: exploring new methodological approaches in field survey analysis

h 17.00 Tea Break

h 17.30 Jeroen Poblome, Ralf Vandam, Johan Claeys (Catholic University of Leuven), Surveying liminality. Is there meaning to potsherds at 2000m asl?
h 18.00 Martijn van Leusen (University of Groningen), Rural Life in Protohistoric Italy: how to study it


h 18.30 Federico Cantini, Beatrice Fatighenti (University of Pisa), Surveying the Arno valley: the territory of San Miniato (Pisa). Methodology and preliminary results
h 19.00 Aurelio Burgio (University of Palermo), The Cignana Survey (Naro-Palma di Montechiaro, Sicilia). From the infra-site artifact collection methods to interpretation of data surface

h 20.30 Dinner

SATURDAY 27 October 2012 Auditorium Palazzo Blu, Lungarno Gambacorti,9, Pisa


h 09.00 Oscar Belvedere (University of Palermo), GIS and survey of the archaeological Park of Agrigento
h 09.30 Jorn Seubers (University of Groningen), Testing the Archaic boom, preliminary results from the GIA Crustumerium Survey 2012
h 10.00 Stefan Groh (Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut Wien), Urbium or Suburbium - New Research on the topography of Aquileia (Italy)
h 10.30 Victorino Mayoral Herrera, Luis Sevillano Perea (Merida Institute of Archaeology, Spanish National Research Council), Contributa Iulia Ugultunia: the archaeological study of a Romanization process through the use of non-destructive techniques

h 11.00 Coffee break

h 11.30 Yasemin Özarslan (Koç University, Istanbul), Surveying an Iron Age mountain-top capital in Anatolia: The Kerkenes Dağ Project
h 12.00 Carlotta Franceschelli*, Federica Boschi**, Pier Luigi Dall’Aglio**, Michele Silani** (*University Blaise-Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand; **University of Bologna), Prospezioni integrate per la ricostruzione degli acquedotti romani di Néris-les-Bains (Allier, France)

h 12.30 Lunch


h 14.00 Giovanna Pizziolo, Nicoletta Volante (University of Siena), Prehistoric survey in Grosseto area: criteria of analysis and first results of field activities
h 14.30 Kevin Ferrari, P. Bellotti, Pier Luigi Dall’Aglio, L. Davoli, M. Mazzanti, P. Torri (University of Bologna), Methodologies for a palaeoenvironmental study: the coastal plain near the Garigliano River mouth
h 15.00 Maria Luisa Marchi (University of Foggia), Project “Archaeological Map of Italy - Forma Italiae”. Landscape of Daunia: Ager Venusinus and Lucerinus
h 15.30 Francesco Tarlano (University of Rome), Ancient settlements in Upper Agri valley between geomorphology and archeological survey
h 16.00 Fernando Amores Carredano*, Enrique García Vargas*, Pablo Garrido González** (*University of Seville; **Dpt. of Projects, Atlas Archaeology and Heritage Ltd), The River Guadiamar Landscapes. Historical Reconstruction and Archaeological Valorization

h 16.30 Tea break

h 17.00 Albert J. Ammerman (Colgate University, Hamilton, NY), The Longitudinal Study of Land Use at Acconia: Placing the Fieldwork of the Survey Archaeologist in Time


h 17.30 Peter Attema (University of Groningen), The Džarylgač Survey Project (NW Crimea, Ukraine), from Survey to Publication
h 18.00 Frank Vermeulen (Ghent University), New survey approaches in the suburbium of Potentia (Marche, I)


h 18.30 Gijs W.Tol (University of Groningen), Fora, stationes and sanctuaries: first results of the Minor-Centres project
h 19.00 Roald Docter (Ghent University), The multi-period Malta Survey
h 19.30 Timothy Darvill (Bournemouth University), Maltese Temple Landscape Project

h 20.00 John Bintliff and Marinella Pasquinucci Concluding Remarks

h 21.00 Dinner